Month: October 2020

  • Episode 018 – “There shall come a Gladiator!”

    Vickey and Claire are joined by returning guest Daniel to celebrate the first appearance of The Gladiator! They also analyse Foggy’s self-esteem issues. Email: Instagram Subscribe to the […]

  • Episode 017 – “None are so Blind!”

    Vickey and Claire are once again joined by special guest Elizabeth to discuss the second issue of the Spiderman two-parter! There is also discussion of the Spiderman MCU movies. Plus […]

  • Episode 16 – “Enter…Spiderman!”

    Spiderman is finally here! Claire and Vickey celebrate the first appearance of Spidey and debate whether the new villain’s costume deserves a Boot or Toot… Email: Instagram Subscribe […]

  • Episode 15 – “And Men shall call him…Ox!”

    Claire and Vickey are joined by the awesome Emma from the Daresplaining blog. It’s a bittersweet tale this week featuring the return of the Ox! Claire, Vickey and Emma also […]