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  • Episode – “In the Midst of Death…”

    Connor returns to the bar to discuss the ramifications of Matt’s bombshell announcement to Karen. Vix, Claire and Connor also discuss the recent movie “Spiderman: No Way Home” Email: […]

  • Episode 56 – “And Death’s Head Came Riding!”

    Claire and Vix are joined by Connor to welcome a new villain to Josies Bar – Deaths Head! Also Matt chooses the most inappropriate time to reveal some truths to […]

  • Episode 055 – “Cry Coward!”

    It’s the last episode of 2021! Daniel joins us for the epic conclusion of the Starr Saxon story! Josies Bar wishes all our listeners a very Happy and Healthy New […]

  • Episode 054 – “Call him….Fear!”

    Connor is back at the bar to discuss issue #54! We meet new Josie’s Bar cat Agatha, and Matt is an utter dick…again. Email: Instagram Subscribe to the […]

  • Episode 53 – “In the Beginning…”

    Vix and Claire discuss our first flashback episode as Matt Murdock ruminates on Daredevil’s origin. He also sits on a snowy rooftop in a very thin costume which surely can’t […]

  • Episode 52 – “Night of the Panther”

    Dan joins Vix and Claire in the bar to teach us all about gay fingers and blood-letting in Daredevil 52 – a sadly lacklustre continuation of the Starr Saxon saga […]

  • Episode 51 – “Run, Murdock, Run!”

    Emma is back at the bar! Meanwhile, Matt Murdock is having the worst day ever but at least it’s illustrated with some beautiful artwork! Email: Instagram Subscribe to […]

  • Episode 50 – “If In Battle I Fall…”

    It’s lock-in time at the bar as we are joined by special guests Elizabeth, Daniel, Rebecca, and Emma to discuss the first 50 issues of Daredevil! Email: Instagram […]

  • Episode 49 – “Daredevil Drops Out!”

    It’s just Vix and Claire in the bar to discuss issue 49 of Daredevil in which a topless Matt is menaced by a robot who is powered by bonkers aromatic […]

  • Episode 48 – “Farewell to Foggy!”

    Elizabeth, Claire and Vix celebrate as we finally get the long awaited first kiss between Matt and Karen…and then despair as Matt messes everything up again. Also…Stilt-Man! Email: Instagram […]